Why You Should Learn Hiring and Management Instead of Leads Generation & Sales

Many beginner entrepreneurs think that lead generation and sales are the most important skill a business owner can have. I used to think the same, but now as someone with a thriving 7-figure business I realize that being HIRING and MANAGING A TEAM have been more helpful to me as an entrepreneur and leader.

Sure, leads and sales help bring business to your doorstep, but as you go further as an entrepreneur you’ll realise that you’ll need to devote more time and skill to LEADING and MANAGING people who can do those things for you. A big, thriving business will always need teams of experts to help them grow even further, and as a CEO it’s your job to bring out that potential in them, not to do their work for them.

It’s why I’ve devoted my time to teaching people about hiring, outsourcing, and team building. In my opinion, they really are the most vital, helpful skillset for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their business that will LAST.