This may come as a bit odd and surprising – I’ll admit that it surprised me as well. An interview with rapper, singer, and enigma Kanye West has got me thinking a lot about how wise he actually is.

What Giant Self-Portrait of Kanye West?

Now, hear me out. It all started with a video on my recommendations list on YouTue. It was an interview with Kanye West where they do a short tour around one of his homes. The reporters catch a glimpse of his living room and behold, there’s a huge photo of himself in the room. I’m talking about a full-blown room-sized portrait.

Why The Giant Self-Portrait?

The reporter surprisingly had the guts to ask the same question we all have on our minds right now. He turned to Kanye and asked the star why he had a huge photo of himself on the wall. Kanye answered simply, “If I’m not going to believe in me, who is going to believe in me?”

I was in shock. That was quite probably the best answer I’ve ever heard. There’s just such a great level of certainty that he held there and so much power in that phrase.

What’s The Wisdom Behind The Story?

Now here’s why there’s actually so much wisdom behind that line. It’s the idea of being sure of oneself.  It isn’t narcissism; it’s more about believing in oneself. You can say it’s an odd way of showing self-confidence but the idea behind it is still very powerful.

This applies to business as well. If you’re manning a start-up and you don’t believe that you can succeed, why should others? If you don’t think you can earn millions of dollars, then you likely won’t.

It all starts with you. Kanye is the living embodiment of this idea. He has built his brand as a musician and business mogul on the idea that he believes in himself.

That’s why it’s time to start now. If it doesn’t start with you, you won’t get it from anyone else.