An age-question when it comes to hiring people is, “What is the best way to measure how well someone fits the job or position I’m hiring for?” As a co-founder of an outsourcing/recruitment agency, I’ve come a long way with this problem and found a very effective solution across the years.

I used to think that enthusiasm should be my main basis for bringing people in. I always thought, “Well, if they have the ATTITUDE and WORK ETHIC, they can learn along the way.” And while that is an excellent trait for a team member, and certainly one you should always look for, I’ve come to learn that SKILL should not be compromised in favour of enthusiasm.

That’s because having someone learn a skill or a set of tasks that another would have mastered in the past years of their experience is a very expensive way to run a company. While a person with a great attitude can show up every day ready to do the job, you will always run into problems if you find out that they don’t really have the skills or affinity for the job at hand. And when that comes, you will be faced with the additional task of offboarding or restructuring your team to better suit their profiles than what you originally planned.

For me, SKILL should be your main metric for hiring people. As I always say: “Find someone who has already DONE what you want to make happen in your company, and give them what they NEED to do it.”