Have you noticed The Shift?

More importantly, has your business shifted?

Something I am seeing more and more of is people asking for recommendations on Facebook over searching on Google.

Facebook even has a recommendations post type now.

Once upon a time, 90% of the leads we received at Outsourcing Angel were from Google…

These days would be lucky to be 5%.

If I were Google I would be worried or at least noticing this.

I actually think this is why they are putting so much work into making YouTube awesome (Google owns YouTube).

So why has consumer behaviour changed?

Honestly, I think it’s because we are sick of getting F**k*D by average businesses who manipulate good search.

We would much rather deal with someone who has had a good experience with a friend or a friend of a friend.

So if this shift is happening, are you prepared?

Are your friends, family, clients, business partners and staff going to recommend you if they see a post like this?

Do you have a referral program to reward people who do so?

Do you have a wow factor people will rave about socially?

Do you have a good social presence with reviews?

If yes, awesome good work!

If no, then take this as this post as the hint to get to work on it!

Start by joining our group The Association and knowing what business owners like yourself have done so far in making their business recommendable.

So tell me, what is your best strategy to get people to recommend your business?