We all understand the value of hard work in trying to achieve our dreams and be the best versions of ourselves every time, especially as a business owner. It is never wrong to give your 100%. But, we all know that too much of anything is a recipe for disaster.


When you put work as your number one priority to the point of sacrificing your personal time and rest, it only takes a while until your health gets back at you with a vengeance.


Health as a Difficult Nemesis

I personally experienced this – working long hours trying to make the most out of every opportunity to improve my business’s performance to the point of burnout. I eventually found myself sacrificing both sleep and rest.


That is when I got really sick, and at that moment, I felt like I lost an immense amount of time just trying to recover. If I would compare the time I lost when I fell sick to the time I thought I lost had I simply given myself a time to rest back then, I could have saved more time with rest – plus I could have replenished my energy and worked better.


Stop Saying No to Good Sleep

Did you know that you experience the same feeling as being drunk whenever you get tired? 17 hours straight of being awake is like taking in 2 glasses of wine, and 24 hours straight? – that makes 4 glasses.


Lack of sleep causes you to lose focus and concentration. It reduces your ability to deliver quick decision-making, and it slows down your comprehension. Also, it restricts your creative juices and makes it difficult for you to come up with innovative ideas.


On a more psychological aspect, lack of sleep causes low mood, emotional instability, a higher propensity for stress, and decreased drive and motivation. In terms of money, $2,280 is lost per sleep-deprived employee every year! That is bad news for you as a business owner.


Health Tracking is the Way to Go

After learning about the detriments of sleep deprivation and burnout, and experiencing the effects myself, I was determined to do everything, so I would never have to be in the same position of sickness again.


Instead of resorting to treatment, I personally recommend you dwell on the preventive side – particularly, recovery and tracking. There are health trackers that you can use or even wear to help you track sleep and recovery.


Apparently, we tend to forget the fact that we are tired when we are so immersed in our work. Health trackers remind you of the need to slow down or even come to a complete rest after a full day at work. By using these trackers, you get to balance both work and rest – a critical part of improving productivity.


Sleep is an Idle Time You Won’t Regret

When you get enough sleep, productivity is right at your doorstep. Studies say that having an adequate sleep allows you to have better judgment, quicker decision-making, and a more thorough problem-solving ability.


Because of the increased focus that you develop after giving your mind and body enough rest, you become more focused, less prone to errors, and even more creative.


All aspects of your brain are generally enhanced when it is given time to rest regularly. Proper sleep also boosts you psychologically as it improves your mood and lightens up your feelings.


While we need to be hardworking to get things done, it is also necessary that we balance it out with proper rest and sleep. Otherwise, all the things that we have worked hard for would only be put to waste if we were no longer there to enjoy it.


So take it easy and do not be too hard on yourself. Continue if you can, rest if you will, and even stop if you need. You are doing great, and every once in a while, you also deserve a good break.