Are your abilities and interests shaped by your genetic makeup or are those defined by your environment? Are you born to do things or are you trained to become who you are? Does the environment develop you to be a better person or destroy your potential as an individual?

Every aspect of your behaviour as a human is influenced by both nature and nurture, working together. There would be people who are already excellent on certain things. And there would also be people who are superior because they worked hard for it.

But the thing is, which of the two has dramatically affected your daily behaviour? These questions are one of the few that act as a guide to weigh whether your abilities are a gift from the heavens or influenced by the environment.


How Nature Affects Human Behavior

Nature is everything that you could bring with yourself into the world. Some of the famous philosophers you might know such as Plato and Descartes believe in the nature theory of human behaviour. This theory is when the nature of your behaviour act as a result of the genetic makeup that you have inherited from your parents. In simple words, certain things are inborn.

Did you know that human inheritance determines the function of the brain which later on influences your intellectual capacity as an individual? For example, you are mathematically inclined because you inherited the love for math from your parents.


How Nurture Affects Human Behavior

Of course, not all people have the same condition. Some are born with average intellectual capacity. This instance means that the genetic information you have needs nurturance before you develop an actual intelligence. For example, your genes may give the potentials for intelligence in math and music, but this does not mean that they will automatically develop those potentials.

You may not develop a musical potential if you grow up in a home with no musical instruments or people that encourage you to pursue music. This scenario is the same case with working in a company. When you are working in a company full of hard-working and passionate employees about their craft, the tendency is you will also be motivated to become hardworking and passionate as well.


The Difference Between A-Players and B-Players

Now, let’s take a look at the difference between an A-Player and a B-Player. A-Players are the people who naturally excel in certain things. They are the players who have the drive, mind, and satisfaction in their work that can go beyond the average. They combine natural ability and willingness to produce exceptional output.  Meanwhile, B-Players are the people who need nurturing process to excel in certain things.

Both players may be affected by the working environment. There are instances that A-Players could not perform well because he or she is around a poor working environment. While this may be true, there are also instances wherein B-Players performs well because he or she is has a good working environment.


The Answer to the Question

The environment has a massive role in developing a person’s working potential. Unique environment results in an exceptional working potential capacity. Remember that having different ways of socialisation enables you to create different fundamentals of your distinct potential.

You may not be able to change your inherited genes, but you can affect the development of your genetic potential through the nurturing process.

There are countless ways to nurture your working intelligence to certain things. These depend on how positive or how negative the inputs are in your brain. For example, you have a toxic working environment. Having a horrible boss and constant issues within your co-workers may develop irreversible brain damage that reduces your working intelligence for the rest of your life. Impact on your health like burnout and depression would manifest. Afterwards, you will realise that you’ve already lost appetite towards working them.

Maximising humankind’s potential depends on the structure of your company. Creating a healthy workplace culture would mean a lot for business owners since it is the backbone of staple entrepreneurship. Hence, a good working environment is essential especially for B-Players who wanted to improve and to be better in certain things. There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the world not only because they are born with it, but because they receive nurturance in a positive environment where co-workers relate to each other.

Being born with a gift is just a factor. Therefore, A players are not born. They are made through the process of nurturing. The environment you have has a massive say to the development of your intellectual capacity. For everyone who dreams of becoming an A-Player, you are capable of transforming into one. It’s up to you how you’re going to shape it.