My simple (and effective) growth strategy to create consistent referral quality leads without having to know fuck all about digital marketing or the internet.

The time has come for me to share one of my best growth strategies with you.

If executed well, this strategy can create all the leads and sales your business will ever need.
I have used this strategy in every business I have ever owned and will continue to use it in every business I get involved in. This strategy is timeless and as effective as ever. This strategy has produced more than 1 million dollars in revenue for me personally and continues to do so.


Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I’m just so sick of seeing business owners struggling with marketing and sales.


Most business owners have become obsessed with digital marketing and think all the secrets to success must lie in google, facebook or the latest funnel building tool.

I’m calling bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong digital marketing can be incredibly effective but, it should be petrol on a fire.
It should not be the fire!



So, here we go!

The Strategy:

Step 1)
Find a minimum of 5 business owners who serve your ideal audience and can benefit from your product/service.


Step 2)
Contact them and offer them a free trial into a paid offering based on ROI. plus, a video testimonial they will send to their audience.

Something like this:

I will work for you for 1 month for free to prove my value.
(or send you a free product)

After the one month of free work, this will turn into a paid relationship in which you will pay me based on the return I’m getting you + you will record a testimonial video and send it to your clients/audience.

YES! you will have to contact some people in real life and speak to them!
YES! you will have to do one month of free work!
YES! some people will take advantage of the one month and no follow through!

Play the odds!
You only need this strategy to work well for one client to do well here 😉


Step 3)
Do great work and deliver a GREAT result.

Not a good result– a GREAT result.

Deliver something so fucking good that people feel compelled to tell others about it.
If you fail here then you really should not be offering the product or service…
(harsh truth)


Step 4)
Leverage the endorsement!

If you do step 3 well you will get a glowing testimonial and endorsement.

Post and promote the testimonial EVERYWHERE.
Get the client to post and promote it.
+ Send it to your current clients.

If you really wanna kick things, there is a gear here. Use Ads to increase the number of people who see the testimonial.
(petrol on a fire)


Step 5)
Offer the result you got for the client to anyone who views the testimonial video.

“I’ll have what she’s having”

It’s so much easier to generate a lead and sell to someone who respects the person you just got the result for.

This is the magic part about “referral quality” leads. 😉


Step 6)
Turn every new client into a client that refers more clients.

Actively ask for referrals!
Actively ask for testimonials!

Have a system in place in your business to achieve this!

Create opportunities in your business for clients to send you more clients.


Step 7)
Repeat the process as needed to achieve desired growth rate.


Why does this strategy work so well?

It’s all about TRUST.

This strategy allows you to borrow the trust someone else has built with your ideal audience and leverage that into leads and sales for your business.

PS: You may need to modify some of these steps to suit the individual needs of your business.

This strategy will work for both product and service businesses.

Always manage your cash flow when doing free work!