Being in the business world is a hard but fulfilling place to be in. As a business owner, you will have a lot of responsibilities, time constraints, challenges, pitfalls and fallbacks. But in the end, all of these will help you to be a better business owner.

However, the real question is… are you really a business owner?

Or are you self-employed?


One of the most common misconceptions about being a business owner, and being self-employed, is that the two are just the same thing. But mind you, they are not. Being self-employed and being a business owner may be similar in some ways. But, they are two different and separate concepts.

When my career as a “business owner” started to progress, I made it a point to do certain steps for me to improve. I practised reading more business books, and I would live by the mottos: “Leaders are readers” and “Learn before you earn” because I was really motivated to make it all the better for me. I exerted effort in educating myself even so that on weekends, I would read for more than an hour, and personally, this became my starting point.

Defining Moment

One of my friends recommended the book Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. In this book, it explained a lot of important concepts and values on how to go along in the business world. While reading the said book, I started to become angry and frustrated, and all the self-doubt came into me. I learned that all this time, I wasn’t the business owner I thought I was.

In this book, Robert explained the differences of being self-employed and being a real business owner. Apparently, when you are self-employed, once you stop working, the business stops working as well. When you’re self-employed, your presence is essential for progress to happen because, without you, nothing will be accomplished.

On the other side of the coin, when you are a real business owner, even if you take a 3-month leave, your business will continue to operate and thrive, because it is a whole different entity, unlike when you are self-employed.

What I Realized

After being fully-motivated and inspired to do more work, this book actually ended up hurting my feelings! Why? Well, first because helped me realise that I wasn’t a real business owner after all. Second, I was actually just self-employed, and I wanted to do and be more.

At first, the book made me feel so confused because I couldn’t see what could be done for me to transition from being self-employed to an actual business owner. For me, it was blurry and hard to do. I really couldn’t see the connecting path for the two to merge easily.

Standing Up Again

Despite my mixed emotions from reading the book, I am still really thankful. In fact, I recommend reading the Cashflow Quadrant because it made me realise important things -- things that I should have known long before I invested a lot in my business. Because of this book, I was motivated to reshape all the decisions I made to achieve success.

I knew from this point on that I had to think of innovative ways to improve what I had and turn it into a business. It’s important to take note that once you have made your decision to transition yourself from being self-employed to becoming a true business owner, you have to be willing to take on chances because this requires a skill set that you must take time to invest in.

Besides this, you have to have a goal in mind. You have to ask yourself specific questions like: “What do I want to happen in this business?” or “How can I build it in a way that it won't need me most of the time?” It’s important to think about how you will set up your business because this will be an essential asset for you in the future.

Make Your Move

Being self-employed isn’t necessarily wrong. Both ends have their own disadvantages and advantages. But if you want to gain and earn more progress, I suggest you grab that book, and hopefully, you can understand what I’m trying to pass on. Once you have the answers to all your apprehensions and questions, I dare you to make your move. Give yourself that defining moment. Work towards success and be the person you want to be today.