How short-term thinking destroys your business

As some of you may know I have been working with a select few business owners to help them get out of their business.

More than anything I wanted to see if the methods I used to build a business to work without me would work for them.

So far the experience has been amazing.

I have really enjoyed it.

It’s rather exciting watching them change how they think and act towards business.

What I wanted to share today is the single biggest push-back and challenge I see for all who go this path.

Continuing to do the things that keep them self-employed.

Saying yes to jobs and projects they must do.


Now the interesting thing is the people I am working with know better.

They tell me it was a mistake and see how it is holding them back.

We all get that if we keep doing things that keep us self-employed we will keep being self-employed.

It’s simple logic.

So why does this happen then?

Why do we do things we know are not good for us?

Because of the short-term wins like $$$$ today!

No one likes seeing their revenue go down while they work on changing their business.

It fucks with us HARD!

I mean I get it. We all have bills to pay.

But, if you keep your plate full of jobs that lock you into your business when will you ever be free?

At some point, you have to make the call if you really want to be free or keep being self-employed.

No, I’m not saying sack all your clients or shut down your business and start again. (Though if you can, it would be the quickest way.)

What I’m saying is you will need to leave some room to have the time to invest in changing your business.

That might mean taking on 80% of the work you normally do. (Yes, that means 80% of the revenue coming in)

Leaving 20% for making the changes you need to make for the long term!

So what I’m offering is a mindset shift here.

Instead of viewing it as a loss —  view it as an investment.

The more you invest the quicker and bigger it grows, it’s not a forever thing!

Get excited when you invest!

That job you said no to is an investment in your future. Win!

That revenue you missed out on is an investment in your future. Win!

That weekend you spent working on this is an investment in your future. Win!

Let’s discuss more about getting out of the self-employment rut in our group The Association.

If you feel you’re stuck in the self-employment phase, register for my course “Build a Business That Works Without You” and let’s work on it.

Here I will share how a small investment finally gave me the time and freedom I need to grow other parts of my business.