If you’re someone who is new to the business world, one thing you will most likely do is to learn more about business development. How? Well, to name a few… enrolling in business courses, applying for different programs, attending seminars, reading books, and so many more.


But in my personal experience, even if I have invested in all of these things already, I have never really levelled up my own performance as a business owner. It would always be me, reaching a certain level, and then dropping back, achieving a higher level, and then dropping back again -- it was a never-ending and frustrating cycle.


Because of this, I had to rethink and trace my actions to see where I was going wrong.


Personal Development


One of my personal friends and mentors suggested that I go through a series of programs which tackle “personal development”. What?!


What exactly is personal development? Personal development is a process that lasts a lifetime, and it basically tells us about how we are as a person. It includes our strengths and weaknesses, generally positive and negative traits, our social competence, our morals and values, and in short, everything.


The first time you hear it, you’ll know you’re not the type of person for those fluffy seminars. Just by the name itself, I knew it was not really my thing.


I knew what I wanted. I wanted to learn more about business development, shaping a stable business, knowing the ins and outs of it - all of those! I wanted to get better at it, so that’s where I invested most of my time and money in.


But that’s where I went wrong.


The Ideal Way


It might be stressed out long ago before by other people in other topics, that everything starts from within. Now, I understood what was wrong in the process, and where I made a mistake. I was too focused on being the best businessman there is, that I forgot the most important part of businesses -- the people. 


For a business to properly run, it has to be managed by well-developed people, and that includes me! I wanted to get better at business and instead of having a mindset that speaks “Personal Development isn’t really for me”, I brushed all my pride off and tried what my mentor suggested. So I enrolled in a personal development program, and the effect on me was massive.


At first, I didn’t want to invest in a personal development program because that would mean extra expenses for me. But then, after following what my mentor said, I realised that what I lost, would lead to a better gain for me, and in my case would be breaking through the ceiling and reaching better results for my business. The topics discussed were relevant and timely for what I was feeling, and it was really life-changing.


After going through the program, I immediately reshaped my thinking. I realised that to have a better business, I had to change myself first! That was the key. I worked on myself, I developed myself, all of this to create better results for my business and other endeavours.


What’s In It For Me?


What are the exact benefits of personal development you say? If you still can’t see the connection of better personal development leading to the business building, let me name a few for you:


  •    You become more self-aware.
  •    You realise your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner
  •    You create a better sense of direction for your goals
  •    Your motivation and drive improves
  •    You learn how to connect yourself to others
  •    You discover how to be a better leader
  •    You present yourself better to potential partners
  •    You strategise better
  •    You learn how to work more productively
  •    You develop a better sense of fulfilment


You, you, you. All of these benefits, as you have noticed, benefit you! Through personal development, you hone yourself first, before you can sharpen anything else. This is helpful because once you have achieved the benefits of developing your personal self, you’re able to apply it as you go along your business. These benefits include being a better leader, being a better communicator, being a better business partner, being better at building relationships, and so much more.


The Big Lesson


I’m thrilled that I was able to learn this lesson right in time. It was really relevant for my needs and instead of looking for other avenues to work on, I was able to work on myself first. The big lesson in all of this is that a business can never grow past its owner. Know that you shape your business, and you shape your future. Build a better future, and invest in yourself now.