Have you ever heard of the statement: “Health is wealth”? Well, mind you, this statement wasn’t made just because it’s catchy and it rhymes, but because it means something more.


In everything you do, you will always need your health. May it be physical, mental, or emotional health. Our health is critical because it helps us do our responsibilities, tasks, and decide more efficiently. Without proper health, may it be physical, mental, or emotional, we might create poor outcomes.


Poor outcomes are critical especially for people working in a team like in businesses or corporations, because poor performance may lead to adverse effects. These effects can either make or break your assets and investments, as well as the situation of your co-workers and colleagues. If for example, you get an unexpected sickness on a supposed business meeting, this would affect how you would get potential partners and investors, and you may not get the deal if ever this happens. This shows that your health means so much in a lot of things.

Adverse Effects of Poor Health

Besides poor decision making and missed occasions, being sick can also affect our senses. When we become ill, we become weaker. Thus, we can’t do anything.  We are taken out of action. This can lead to several days, weeks, month, and if worse, even years. Basically, when we get sick and don’t take care of our health, we become semi-paralyzed, and we become deprived of our abilities and capacities as human beings. More than this, being unhealthy can also lead to:


  •    Added stress
  •    Extra tiredness
  •    Too much weight loss/obesity
  •    Tooth decay
  •    High blood pressure
  •    Migraines
  •    Poor relationships


and other social, mental, and physical consequences that can be a side or direct effect of being unhealthy.



Wake-Up Call

To share a concrete experience about this, a few years back, I got a horrendous sickness called glandular fever. Glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis is a common infection which is caused by EPV or the Epstein-Parr virus. This illness is contagious which is why when I had it, I had no choice but to stay away from work so that I wouldn’t infect my other colleagues. It was such a terrible experience because I really felt weak, I couldn’t do any productive work, and I couldn’t contribute to the tasks I needed to do.


A few days after feeling a bit better, I decided to make myself a good breakfast with the thinking that it’s time to bounce back! I was ready to get back up and start being productive again! One ordinary morning, I got up after feeling well-rested already, and as I thought that I was going to have an excellent healthy breakfast, when I planned to clean the frying pan I used, I was so confused as to why no matter how hard I clean one spot, it just wouldn’t wipe off.


This was so unusual for me because frying pans are usually easy to wash when doing the dishes, and it’s something I’ve never really experienced before. It turns out, I was cleaning the shadow of the frying pan and not the actual frying pan.

Health is Truly Wealth

That incident is when I learned that if you don’t take care of your health, no matter how physically well you think you already are, there will always be one weak area – and in my case despite being physically okay, I obviously still was not mentally okay.


With this, I realised that if I am not healthy, I am not fit to run my own company or to make any wise decisions. If I can’t clean a simple frying pan, how can I be responsible for making the best decisions to create significant impacts?


Even if it was a hard decision, I had to let go of my work and let my team take over, because I knew that was what’s best for the company. It would be best for me to recover than to push myself making illogical decisions which could further lead to adverse effects.


That’s when it hit me… Because of my experience, I realised that some people take for granted their health. Some people overwork themselves to earn money and survive every day. As for me, during that experience, I would have paid any amount to be healthy and back to normal.

Healthy Life, Happy Life

If you think about it, some people go through their lives looking after others, but not themselves. And lucky for you if you have been consistent with maintaining your good health. Not everyone has the luxury, or the option even, to shell out money to buy medicine and other medical interventions.


This is why we should all better value and prioritise our health. After my experience, I made it a point to put health in my number one priorities. How can we be more healthy exactly, well here’s a few tips:


  1. Eat right. Go, grow, and glow, and a little bit of fat and sugar because you all need those for your body!
  2. Drink tons of water. It’s important to hydrate yourself especially if you’re always on the go!
  3. Exercise more. Don’t be a couch potato! Your body needs some stretching, and so your muscles and bones won’t harden as well.
  4. Balance. It’s okay to eat some sugar and fat, but do not overdo it. Count your stats as much as possible. You don’t want to have too much sugar or salt in the future!
  5. Speak your mind. Besides physical health, it’s also important to interact and express yourself since this is a way to improve your mental and emotional health.

Your Health is Your Greatest Treasure

With this, I encourage all of you to be healthy. Lucky for me, during my glandular fever experience, I had such a fantastic team who helped me carry all the load I couldn’t bear because I was sick. Without me, the business still thrived!


Now that I learned my lesson, I hope you absorb the same one too. Give yourself time and don’t overwork! Get a breather if you must. I’d rather have more time in the world than to have less just because poor health took it away from me. I’m sure this is a lesson everyone can benefit from. So always remember to stay healthy!


Your money would mean nothing if you don’t have good health.