In our world today, online businesses and work from home jobs have become more prominent because it’s easier, more convenient, but still doable. Many have started investing in online careers because you get to earn, but still have enough time for yourself and your loved ones. Because of this, I thought, why not give it a shot? Everything was perfectly ready. I was working at home in my spare bedroom with a laptop and a smartphone, ready to serve some clients and get to work! Besides that, I was also very eager to learn and was well-driven to make it into the business world successfully.

How It Went Downhill

Unfortunately, I knew it was still going to be a long journey for me because success did not come to me as quickly as I thought it would. As time passed by, my eagerness turned into desperation. My partner had to support us because I was spending more and more of my savings in my business as each month passed by. I really struggled throughout the process because I knew I wasn’t making enough money for my family and cover our expenses. It was a tough time for me back then. While I was making things work, I came across people talking about getting mentors and coaches who could be of really great help especially for newbies like me in the online business world. However, I did not attempt to get one for myself because I’m used to figuring things out on my own. Who knew this habit that had never failed me before, would be the most critical factor, once I enter the business world?

Realizing I Can’t Stand Alone

With all the problems arising in that situation, I was determined to work things out independently, on my own. As days went by, everything was getting worse, and the financial pressure started to pile up. Sadly, I was running out of options. I tried to think of other alternative ways to make it work, but I had one last resort: get a coach. I finally took the opportunity and went to get a coach via Facebook. I reached out to my network group and asked if anyone could recommend people to serve as my business coach. Luckily, my friend was able to refer someone, and instantly, we went out to get coffee together.

He Screamed Success

My future coach was the ideal businessman that I had never met in my life before. He could persuade anyone in a snap, and not to mention, his aura and vibe were just so pleasing and successful. My future coach wore a suit, and he had a dashing car which all the more made his whole personality impressive and likable. I felt I was the luckiest person after meeting him. I hired him without any hesitations, and was pretty much convinced all my business-related problems would magically disappear!

But I Was Wrong

I did everything he asked me without question because I was just so convinced that he knew what he was doing. He was, after all, the ideal businessman for me. But sadly, things weren’t getting any better. As my mentorship started, my cash flow got even more alarming. A lot of my friends tried to make me realise that things weren’t right, but I just brushed everything off and let it be. I really thought my coach knew better. A couple of months into the process, I finally realised that my coach was asking me to do things that are not highly relevant to the type of business I want to be successful at. Then, that’s when I hit rock bottom. My bank account was down to $0, and I was devastated.

Hitting Rock Bottom

I really can’t believe that the $50,000 I started with is now gone! I felt like a complete failure. I couldn’t sleep that night because I kept thinking about where I went wrong? What did I lack? Am I terrible with business, that not even the best coach could help me? Then suddenly, that’s when it hit me. I trusted my coach so much that I didn’t even verify any of his experience for me to consider him as a credible and reliable coach! I failed to check if this person has achieved what I am trying to achieve! It turns out, the coach I hired was never successful in the type of business I want to be successful at.

The Big Lesson

Listen to people who are credible enough to say “Been there, done that.” Listen to the right people and choose the right role models. Choosing the right mentors is essential, and most preferably those who have already achieved what you wish to achieve. Don’t be fooled by broke financial managers and obese fitness trainers! You might not get your desired outcome. After having this experience, my life has changed forever. I am more careful and critical now before doing actions which may affect me in the future. Looking back, the $50,000 which I had lost, taught me valuable lessons in choosing your mentors and knowing how to filter which advice to follow. I may have lost some, but in the end, I gained more.