Did you know that businesspeople are technically like chefs as well?

In the business world, business owners have to mix and match different ingredients to make the right recipe. Using the wrong ingredients in building your own business might lead to risky outcomes which you may regret afterwards. This is why just like a chef, you have to make sure your ingredients are right and that you're following the right recipe to impress and satisfy your customers.

Improvising Time

One Thursday afternoon, I was planning to cook dinner for that coming night. However, I needed to shop for the ingredients of my recipe. Unfortunately, a lot of things came up, and to cut a long story short, I wasn't able to go out to do shopping. With that, I took a short visit to our pantry and took a good look at the ingredients I already had. Since I didn't have the time to go out and buy the ingredients, I had to make do with what I had. I made up my mind to use the ingredients which were readily available in the pantry instead.

I was quite excited because it felt like I was going to be on a cooking game show having to cook up a recipe with limited resources! During that day, I was up for the challenge to make an excellent dinner using only the ingredients I had. While cooking, I felt nervous but at the same time inspired and challenged because I was ready to improvise and solve problems just like a master chef!

Lesson Learned

If you think about it, cooking is like handling a business. Sometimes, you may not have enough resources or people to do the work, but somehow you come up with solutions to get the job done. At my surprise, the meal I whipped up looked reasonably good! For someone who just improvised his ingredients, it was very much presentable and appealing. When my partner and I gave it a taste, there you have it!

It tasted really awful. That's when I regretted improvising the ingredients and the recipe. I should have just eaten dinner out, or just went to the shop to buy ingredients after all. However, this experience brought me powerful lessons which helped me eventually in managing my business.

The Reason For Recipes

First, I realised that people make recipes and plans for a reason. Frameworks existed because they have already been tested to be successful. I'm not saying it's wrong to improvise, but in improvising, you have to make sure that you have the option to fail.

For example in business, in instances where a lot of things are at stake, before finalising a plan or making a deal, it's better to stick with guidelines and a specific plan in which you're sure with the result. With my experience, it's actually just a simple truth. If I followed the recipe with the right ingredients, I would have had achieved more success.

One Thing May Mean The World

Second, do not ever leave one tiny detail out. In cooking, you can be missing just one ingredient, and even if you have all the other ones with you, that missing one could have given you the perfect taste.

On the other hand, in business, you can do a whole bunch of things right, but if you miss out on one step, you might not get the right result. You may have an efficient Marketing and Sales team, but if you don't have an Operations and Management, you might not have successful sales and deliveries.

This is why, it's essential to go through each ingredient, and through each step, to ensure that you're delivering quality output, or for instances, the right meal.

Volume Matters

Lastly, it's important to take note of volumes. What are volumes? Basically, it's the amount or numbers of one aspect. In a meal, you have a lot of flavours, but you have to make sure one doesn't overpower the other.

Just like in business, you may have all the right ingredients and resources, but if you invest more in only one aspect, your whole business will suffer. For example, if you have all the necessary departments in your business but focus just in Marketing & Sales, the other departments won't work as efficiently as the others, thus, giving you poor results.

It's crucial to equally mix & match the flavours of your meal so that you won't have a disastrous meal, or in other cases, a disastrous business.

Best of Both Worlds

I know that cooking and business operating may not be as directly related as it is, but because of my experience, I learned that there are some lessons in cooking that businesspeople can also pick-up to make them efficient workers.

Cooking may just be a hobby for some, and although it is interesting, may we not forget to read between its lines and notice that there are essential life skills that we can get from it.

In parallel to cooking the right business, having the right recipes, resources, and ingredients are important, but balancing it out to have the right volumes is just as important as well.