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The Experience That Radically Changed How I View Business

When I was around 20, I had an experience that changed me as a person.I witnessed one of my friends completely destroy his life.
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This is How You Lose an Easy Sale

Being in the market for a new car, I found out just how easy untrained salespeople can lose a customer. If you own a business, better watch out for these signs!
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Running Your Business Without Leverage

Witnessing a family going cycling during my lunchtime walk brought upon some important insights about running a business.
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How to Destroy a Small Business: “Mistaking an Extension for Leverage”

Here is the lesson.If you are hiring people or use a service provider that requires a ton of time managing, it's not leverage.It's an extension of you.If you hire someone or use a service that requires minimal management by you and is governed by systems, then it's leverage.The real danger is thinking you have leverage when you have extensions.
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