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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Charley Valher is a serial entrepreneur and educator who is well known for his unique approach to business. He has co-founded several companies such as Know The Score Finance, Outsourcing Angels, Red and Black Solutions, and The Parenting Co.

A critically-acclaimed speaker, Charley has been invited onto many high-profile stages, such as Think Tank, The Game Changers, and The Accelerator Mastermind. He is also the host of the popular podcast The Business of Podcasting, and founder of the podcasting network Valher Media.

Charley’s mission is to help small business owners add fuel to their sales fire by growing an monetising their podcast. He is dedicated to helping business owners like you scale their podcast so their business can thrive.

Why Choose Charley Valher?

“Most entrepreneurs start a business for freedom, but what they end up with is a glorified job that takes all of the time and freedom they yearn to have. I do things different, I take the CEO out of the business and into the freedom they set out to have.” – Charley Valher

Charley is best known for his unique approach to building and scaling businesses and monetizing podcasts. His strategies focus on giving more time and leverage for business owners and podcasters. These strategies are drawn from his own experiences in managing a virtual team without him being present.

Unlike other speakers, Charley has ingrained his mission and vision into his daily lifestyle. He practices what he preaches across the businesses and podcasts he created. He aims to walk you through the achievement of the following goals:

Leverage and monetise your podcast for business growth

Let your business support your life, not the other way around

Grow your business with a virtual team

Run your business without it requiring your full-time effort and dedication

Develop entrepreneurial skills to be more effective, not just efficient

Charley's Speaking Topics

From his years of work in growing businesses, Charley knows what works and what doesn’t, and will deliver world-class presentations on:


Launching and growing a podcast audience - fast
Using a podcast for business leverage and growth

Scaling a business past the business owner

Business automation

Business model design

Virtual assistants & online teams

Systems & processes

Joint ventures

Thank you for considering Charley Valher as a speaker/guest for your event/podcast. Here’s what to expect after connecting with Charley and his team:

  1. A personal one-on-one phone consultation with Charley before your event to customize the message to deliver the best and outstanding results for you and your awesome audience
  2. A tailor-made presentation, appropriate to your setting and audience
  3. An energy-filled, passionate and informative presentation packed with real-life facts from personal experience and focused on achieving your desired outcome
  4. Follow-up evaluation and debriefing after the event to make sure Charley’s speaking met or your expectations.

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