How many of you have heard a story like this before?

After years of hard work the business owner or CEO finally gets to the point where he can hire someone to replace themselves.


They hire someone who seems great, has experience and just seems like a good fit.

The business owner finally relaxes and feels they can take that break they have always wanted.

1st month is great!

The business owner has had more fun than in the last 2 years

2nd month is even better!

They connect with family and friends and remember what its like to have a social life.

This goes on for a while…


Things turn to shit real quick at some point!

We found out that the person we hired is not doing that great a job.

Our service/product quality has dropped.

Our profit is dropping through the floor or is gone!

The business owner then jumps back in thinking they are the only one who can make the company work.

The business owner then grinds it out for the rest of their time.


No joke I think I have heard 10 different versions of that story by 10 different business owners.

The common factor in all is “hiring someone to replace me” and then “took their eyes off the ball.

Every time I hear that someone is trying to hire to replace themselves I hear alarm bells going off in my ear.

I can almost see what’s about to happen to them.

They are probably burnt out and need a break, that’s why they take their eye off the ball.

They are clinging to a vision that this is finally it!

“I’m finally free”

“I’m going to do all those things I have been putting off for so long”

Sadly you are never going to hire anyone to replace you and be as good as you.

No one ever finds a person as good as you for the long haul.

(Maybe for a few months or a year max!)

OK, so we can’t hire someone to replace us… WTF do I do then?

Here is how I did it. (and will keep doing it)

Step 1) You hire people to run systems in your business. You do not hire to replace people.
Step 2) You manage the system until it gives you the output you desire consistently without you doing anything.
Step 3) You repeat this for all the areas in your business ’til you are not needed.



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