Sometimes I have to pinch myself!

I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to spend a Monday away riding my bike with complete confidence that Outsourcing Angel is running just as if I was there.

Once upon a time I would feel guilty for taking a day off..

Or if I did things would turn to shit and we would not make any $$$

I really do not want this post to come across as gloating or bragging.

I want it to be your motivation to do the same with your business.

Spend some time thinking what you could get up to or achieve if you had more time!

It’s time to move freedom up your priority list if it’s not already!

Got some exciting new content coming out over the next few weeks to help any of you that may be stuck or would like to see the steps I took.

Time to get more involved with helping you all become true business owners and not self-employed!

Apply to join The Association so we can talk more about how you can do the things you love while keeping your eye on the ball.

Also, register for my course “Build a Business That Works Without You”.

Here I will tell you how I found the perfect business set up that left me with enough time and freedom to enjoy the things I love.