I’m Charley, and welcome to my space.

The digital space some ten years ago was beginning to have some big-game players. But with little competition in the small business area, I saw it as a great opportunity to grow. I tried everything I could get my hands on online, specifically in digital marketing. It became frantic and fast-paced in a chaotic way for me which I didn’t enjoy and decided to let go of. I tried other businesses, including outsourcing. Then it hit me. I was such a big fan of podcasts before it even hit a stage where a lot of people were starting to understand its concept or knew that it existed. I wanted to take it seriously and my passion for it paved the way for me to build my own business focusing on that.

An Entrepreneur, a Family Man, and Loving Every Minute​

By profession, I’m very passionate about being a business owner. I don’t see myself as anything or anywhere else. I am a businessman through and through and I find all things business highly stimulating. Personally, I love being a Dad and a family man above everything. I’m also really passionate about cycling, staying fit, and just being healthy overall. I take health seriously because when we’re healthy, we can perform better in all aspects of our lives and for me, that’s very important.
I’m also particularly interested in creating content, such as podcasts and writing and I’d still be doing these things without getting paid. I love creating.

I’m a Cycling Foodie

I love cycling. I want to go cycling across the world someday. And who doesn’t love food? I love cooking and preparing meals for family and friends, although I try to do it every day for the fam. On weekends I ride my bike and I love to dine or try the food at restaurants with friends. During happy hour you’ll find me with a beer or wine depending on the weather.
It’s good to do your thing and relax whenever possible. These things are necessary to maintain a work-life balance and encourage others to do the same.

I Remain Confident at What I Chose to Do

I think when people pay you and continue to pay you, it’s a positive sign that you’re good when struck with the question of whether or not you’re good at what you do. People come to me to solve their problems in business. I look at the results of what I do and I look at other people’s results. What I see in terms of results and what I deliver puts me in a better position than the others.
I’m a businessman and I worked hard to get to where I am. While I should always strive to grow, I shouldn’t underestimate what I have achieved so far.

For Me, Learning Shouldn’t Be an Option

As people grow older, a lot of them stop learning. They get caught up in their careers and are okay with being stagnant. I think it’s important to learn and keep up with the changes in your industry or to stay informed, or in general, just be educated with anything relevant to what you do. I do this for myself by reading and taking industry-related courses which I also share with my team. It’s important to be good at what you do and you can only do that if you never stop learning.

I Look Up to Survivors and People with Great Characters

I’ve always admired Keith Cunningham among so many other people in business. His story is the type of story that should inspire us. Here’s a man who had it all, lost it all, and regained them all. To fall hard on your knees like that and lose everything you worked hard to build and get back everything with your passion and dignity still intact, takes a special kind of strength. The kind I’m hoping I would have if ever, at some unfortunate time, I’d be in the same situation.
Then there are sports personalities like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. The sacrifices and ethics that put them to where they are right now, remain to be some of the most important influences and inspirations I gained.

My “Dreams” Aren’t as Fancy as Most People Would See Them

Right now I don’t necessarily have goals but I map out general directions. Being a dad is a really life-changing experience in that it’s the biggest part of how I’ve been shaping my decisions. I want to be remembered for my business acumen and I want my family to remember me as a loving Dad and a good provider. Ultimately, whatever I decide for my growth, my business, my family, and where I take my life, is up to me.
Then there are sports personalities like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. The sacrifices and ethics that put them to where they are right now, remain to be some of the most important influences and inspirations I gained.

If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.

What I want to do is up to me. It’s not up to other people to make my dreams or anything I want, happen. I get to decide that for myself.
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