In every business organisation, teams are considered the basis of an individual’s experiences. Being in a team shows you how to put into practice the principle of learning by doing. It is where you find the opportunity to build your image of understanding to draw results.


Business owners need their own team to explore opportunities, to interact with one another, to develop oneself, and to set and achieve goals. So here are 7 signs that will tell you if you have a great team.



1. Having a Great Team Provides You with a Positive Experience


You are in an excellent team if there is a positive team experience between members and leaders. Team experience is a kind of global learning environment wherein members live in their journeys to learn.


Social experts believe that having team members with positive experiences can result in a constructive career outlook in life. Aside from that, members who are supported by good working experience are more likely to be successful especially in the business industry.


2. Having a Great Team Gives You Freedom

You are in a great team if you have been given the freedom to express your thoughts.  Since a team’s success is greatly dependent on its members, you should not be forced to do things that may suffocate you.


An excellent team should be a place where you can create room for improvement and action sets based on your personal interest. It should be a place where members are not afraid to make mistakes. Besides, people work effectively when there is no interference of mental flow. So, leaders of a team must learn to let the members go and trust them in making decisions.


3. Having a Team Cultivates a Life-Long Connection

You are in a great team if you experience cultivating life-long connections with other members. The journey of staying connected with like-minded people who share the common values, self-awareness qualities, solution orientated mindset and empowering others are signs of having a great team. Every member of a team with life-long connection embodies the same values and visions which makes it easier to relate even if you are given different situations.


4. Having a Great Team Gives You Time

As a business owner, you are in a great team if it gives you time to get involved, to keep on track, to develop what you have learned, and enables you to take a break from time to time.


At the same time, the team members can also develop an unlimited number of useful experiences for your business even without the pressure of time. The team gives you comfort knowing that these experiences can positively contribute to the success of the company.


5. Having a Great Team Boosts One’s Performance

You are in a great team if you are with people who can boost your performance towards achieving your goal and your team’s goal. Being with people who serve as a source of aspiration is enough to know if you are with a great team.


A great team gives you a positive working environment where joy is always ignited. You must be able to feel good about coming to work every day because a great team will provide you with the motivation to keep going throughout the day.


6. Having a Great Team Gives Out Recognition

You are in a great team if everybody recognises the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Remember that work becomes meaningful if you know that your co-members and leaders appreciate your contribution.


When you can exercise a transparent and open form of communication with everyone, you will realise how much your ideas are of great value. Giving recognitions also make members feel they belong in the team. They are encouraged to provide high-quality results in the future.


7. Having a Great Team Builds a Strong Support System

You are in a great team if there is a strong support system built not just internally but also externally. Of course, it is part of everyone’s life to experience ups and down, but with a great team, you can survive them since you have a support system to rely on.


A support system will listen to you no matter what and will give you honest feedback when you needed it. A great team builds a support system because it is one of their defence mechanisms during tough times.


Certainly, each team in the business world has their unique points. Most teams have these signs, and some do not have. But, the important thing is you know how to adapt according to your team’s characteristics. There may be no perfect team in this world. But, there will always be a great team where you can experience fulfilment, joy, and motivation.