3 vitally important lessons to making it as a business owner.

Putting in the hours is not enough…

On Saturday afternoon a good friend of mine sent me a link to a video with a very compelling message that I must watch it.

The video was of a young guy in America who was announcing how he fucked his life up by spending 3 years trying to make it in the video game industry.

He kept saying:
“I’ve tried everything”
“The things people are telling me to do are not working”

He was crying.
He was hurting.
His girlfriend had left him.
He had abandoned his friends.

I really felt for this guy as I could see his dream had been crushed and he was broken.

(Sadly, this type of shit happens every day in the land of business.)

I watched it again only this time some things stood out to me.

– He attitude was that he deserved success for the 3 years spent
– He wanted to be paid to do what he loves NOT providing value to other people.
– He was following poor advice

Suddenly his failure made a lot more sense to me.


So, here are 3 Vitally Important Lessons to Making it as a Business Owner:


1. The world does not owe you anything.

It’s naive and stupid to think there is a pay off to those who put in the hours.

It’s how you spend your hours that counts.

No one gives a fuck if you worked 60 hours a week or have been doing it 10 years.

If you are working that many hours you are spending them on the wrong things.


2. No value, No $$$$

if you are creating 0 value to your marketplace then you will be paid 0.

People pay you based on what is in it for them. NOT YOU!

If you want to be paid more, then increase whats in it for them.


3. There are tons of people are out there giving shit advice.

My golden rule

Only listen to people who have the results I’m looking to achieve.

Whenever I’m in doubt about anything I seek them and even pay for good advisement.


Please DO NOT FALL into any of these traps.