Hi, I’m Charley Valher.
A Business Owner, Investor, Husband, and Father from Melbourne Australia

Hi, I’m Charley Valher.
A Business Owner, Investor, Husband, and Father from Melbourne Australia

What I'm Currently Working On

Learn the complete set of skills you need to build wealth inside and outside of your business.

Get access to the strategies, tactics and tools to become a successful property investor.

Helping businesses grow through paid ads. We elevate your advertising efforts to drive real results.

Providing Mortgage Strategies Tailored to Best Suit Your Unique Financial Situation.

About Me

1998 - Pokemon Card Trader (10 years old)

This is the point I knew business was for me. Pokemon cards had taken off at my school, and I quickly became obsessed.

At every opportunity, I would buy, sell, and swap cards.

It wasn’t too long till I had them all.
I was devastated when the fad ended…

2012 - eBay Merchant

Importing products in bulk from the USA and China. This was my first real shot at business.

I loved the business model of eBay because it was simple to understand. “Sell products for more than you pay for them.”

I figured if I could stick to that, then I would probably do ok.

I quickly realised that the secret to eBay success at the time was being ranked # 1 for a keyword. It didn’t matter how good your product was if no one saw the listing!

This was my first taste of digital marketing.

I would spend hours and hours on online forums and at workshops learning the latest tactics to get my items ranked.

I knew I was onto something with this “digital marketing” thing when other eBay sellers began asking me to help them with their stores.

My biggest lesson from eBay: Sell things people want to buy, not what you want them to buy…

2014 - PPC Empire

My first 7-figure company running Facebook and Google ads for clients.

I often think of PPC Empire as my university degree as I learnt so much from it. One of the great things about owning a marketing services business is that you get to see inside other businesses.

We were spending millions on ads for clients every year, and I was endlessly fascinated with how the ads would turn into profit for the business.

My biggest lesson from PPC Empire: Niche rhymes with Rich for a reason. 😉

2017 - Outsourcing Angel

Providing off-shore staffing solutions to Australian business owners.

At one point Outsourcing Angel had over 100 staff. This was my first big company experience.

My biggest lesson from Outsourcing Angel: Working with a large team is very different from managing a small team.

It’s like driving a jet ski vs. piloting a cruise ship. The bigger the team, the more thinking is needed for the decisions you make, as it is not easy to turn around a cruise ship.

2019 - Valher Media (Current)

A high performance advertising agency.

Providing Facebook and Google ads services.

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